Sales Tax Worksheets

There's nothing too taxing about our printable sales tax worksheets! Teeming with exercises like finding the sales tax, calculating the original price, and solving sales tax word problems, our resources have stupendous practice in store for students in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8. The pdf tools also let them get used to percent application through receipts and discounts. Help them excel in sales tax using our free worksheets and prepare to face the world head-on!

Finding Sales Tax

When you buy an item that is taxed, not only do you pay the cost of the item, you also pay the sales tax. Find the sales tax and calculate the total cost of the items using these 3-part printable worksheets!

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Finding the Original Price

If the sale price is $460 and the sales tax rate is 4%, what is the original price? All there's to do is to substitute the values in the appropriate formula and proceed to solve for the missing values.

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Finding Sales Tax | Word Problems

The 6th grade and 7th grade students are sure to love our sales tax word problems! Find the sales tax amount, given the tax percent. Also calculate the total amount in scenarios dedicated to sales taxes.

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Finding the Original Price | Word Problems

Get a thorough practice in finding the original price using the selling price and tax percent. Our refreshing word problems are bursting with scenarios where the task is to find the original price.

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Complete the sales receipts in these pdf sales tax worksheets by filling the purchase prices, given the sales tax rate, original prices, and the quantity. Fill in the total amount after adding the sales tax of each item.

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Discount Worksheets

What buying heart can discount despise? Customers, including the ones in the 7th grade and 8th grade, crave for discounts! Abounding in bargains, our printable worksheets help calculate price reductions.

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