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Quadratic Equation Worksheets

Make spectacular headway in forming and solving quadratic equations with this myriad collection of quadratic equations worksheets! The topics covered include finding the determinant, determining the nature of roots, calculating the sum and product of roots, and visualizing quadratic equations in real life. Further, you learn to solve an equation using four different methods: factoring, taking square roots, completing the square, and using the formula. Addressing every aspect that matters in quadratic equations, our printable worksheets prepare high school students to make great strides in the topic. Begin your practice with our free worksheets!

List of Quadratic Equation Worksheets

Explore the Quadratic Equation Worksheets in Detail

Sum and Product of the Roots

Walk your students through this assortment of pdf worksheets! Acquaint them with finding the sum and product of the roots of a given quadratic equation. Equip them to utilize this sum and product to form the quadratic equation and determine the missing coefficients or constant in it.

Solve Quadratic Equations by Factoring

This bunch of pdf exercises for high school students has some prolific practice in solving quadratic equations by factoring. Factor and solve for the real or complex roots of quadratic equations with integer, fractional, and radical coefficients.

Solve Quadratic Equations by Taking Square Roots

Keep high school students au fait with the application of square root property in solving pure quadratic equations, with this assemblage of printable worksheets. Isolate the x2 term on one side of the equation and the constant term on the other side, and solve for x by taking square roots.

Solve Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

Complete the square of the given quadratic equation and solve for the roots. Level up by working with equations involving radical, fractional, integer, and decimal coefficients.

Find the Discriminant

Discern all the essential facts about a discriminant with this compilation of high school worksheets. Determine the discriminant by evaluating the expression b2 - 4ac where a is the coefficient of x2, b the coefficient of x, and c the constant term in a quadratic equation.

Find the Nature of the Roots

Can you tell if the roots of a quadratic equation are equal or unequal without solving it? Take a quick jaunt into this collection of printable nature of roots handouts! Predict if the roots are equal or unequal and also if they are real or complex.

Solve Quadratic Equations using Formula

Be it finding the average or area or figuring out the slope or any other math calculation, formulas are important beyond doubt! Augment your ability to use the quadratic formula and find solutions to a quadratic equation with this set of practice resources!

Quadratic Equations Word Problems

Catch a glimpse of a variety of real-life instances where quadratic equations prove they have a significant role to play! Read each word problem carefully, form the equation with the given data, and solve for the unknown.

Sample Worksheets