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Solving Quadratic Equation Worksheets

This compilation of worksheets helps students to gain an understanding of the vital facts involved in solving quadratic equations. Employ this ideal set of worksheets to solve quadratic equations using zero product property, factorization method, completing the perfect square, square root method and quadratic formula. Also, our well-researched word problems are sure to keep you thoroughly engaged! A number of free printable worksheets are available at your disposal.

Sum and Product of the Roots Worksheets

This set of worksheets contains exercises like identify the sum and product of the roots, finding missing root, forming quadratic equations with the given roots and much more!

(21 Worksheets)

Solve the quadratic equations: Zero product property

The zero product property states that if ab = 0, then either a = 0 or b = 0 or both a and b are 0. As per these conditions, set each factor equal to zero and solve the quadratic equations.

Solve the quadratic equations: Factorization method

Use factorization method to solve each quadratic equation. For the easy level worksheets, the roots are real. In the moderate level, the roots are real or imaginary. In the difficult level, you should apply necessary substitution to write the quadratic equation in standard form and then solve by factorization method.

Level: Easy, Moderate, Difficult (3 worksheets each)

Solve the quadratic equations: Square root method

The Level 1 worksheets require minimal effort to apply square root method. The Level 2 worksheets have higher level of difficulty comparing to Level 1. Apply square root on both sides of the equation to solve the problems.

Two levels of difficulty with 3 worksheets each

Solve the quadratic equations: Completing the square method

Use completing the square method to solve these quadratic equation worksheets. In the difficult level, students should apply substitution method to simplify the equation and then convert each quadratic equation to a perfect square form.

Level: Easy, Moderate, Difficult (3 worksheets each)

Quadratic Formula Worksheets

This series of quadratic formula worksheets requires students to identify the nature of the roots of the quadratic equation as equal, unequal, real or complex. Exclusive worksheets on solving quadratic equations using quadratic formula are also available.

(21 Worksheets)

Quadratic equations: Word problems

This series of well-researched and engaging word problems on quadratic equations provide real life scenarios to enable easy understanding.

The entire collection of worksheets on quadratic equation can be downloaded in a jiffy!