Quadratic Equation Word Problems

Take the young mathematician in you on a jaunt to this printable compilation of quadratic word problems and discover the role played by quadratic equations inspired from a variety of real-life scenarios! From finding the area of your small playroom to calculating the speed of a massive cruise, quadratic equations matter a lot in life. Try this simple question: Alan is 2 years older than Clara. If the product of both Allan’s and Clara’s ages is 168, how old is Clara? As soon as you read this, this equation will ring a bell: x(x + 2) = 168. If you rearrange and rewrite this, you'll have x2 + 2x - 168 = 0. Solve this equation to obtain their ages. As far as this problem is concerned, Alan is 14 years and Clara is 12 years. Now, print our worksheet pdfs, exclusively designed for high school students and get to solve 15 similar word problems. Read each word problem, formulate a quadratic equation, and solve for the unknown. You can use any of these methods: factoring, square roots, completing squares, or quadratic formula to arrive at your answers.

Quadratic Equations Word Problems