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Quadratic Formula Worksheets

Solve this ensemble of Quadratic Formula worksheets to strengthen your comprehension in finding the discriminant, identifying the nature of roots and finding roots of the quadratic equation and finding value of the unknown. Students will also need to use the substitution method to solve quadratic equations involving higher order variables. Umpteen worksheets featured here provide ample practice for high school students. A number of free printable worksheets are also up for grabs!

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Find the discriminant

Identify the coefficients and substitute them to find the discriminant (b2 - 4ac) for each quadratic equation provided in this series of worksheets.

Find the nature of the roots

Identify the nature of the roots for each quadratic equation based on the value of the discriminant. Use the essential rules furnished in this batch of worksheets to comprehend the nature of the roots of a quadratic equation.

Find the values of unknown

Use the discriminant of a quadratic equation to find the value of the unknown. Basic understanding of the nature of roots is a prerequisite to solve this collection of worksheets.

Find the roots: Quadratic formula - Easy

This set of easy level worksheets will require students to bring the equations to standard form. Then, solve them using the quadratic formula. The coefficients and the contant term in each quadratic equation are integers.

Find the roots: Quadratic formula - Moderate

Convert the given equation into standard form and solve them using the quadratic formula. The coefficients and the constant term are integers, decimals or fractions.

Find the roots: Substitution method and Quadratic formula

Use the substitution method to transform the complex equation into a quadratic equation. Then, solve the equation using the quadratic formula and equate it to the substituted variable to find the roots.

Equations reducible to quadratic form: Substitution method

Rewrite the given higher degree equation in quadratic form using substitution method. Solve them by applying the quadratic formula to find the roots of the equation. Use the answer key to verify your responses. There are eight questions in each worksheet.