Factorial Worksheets

Factorial worksheets benefit high school students to test their understanding of factorial concepts like writing factorial in product form and vice versa; evaluating factorial, simplifying factorial expressions, solving factorial equation and more. Additionally, MCQ worksheets are provided to reinforce the concept.

Product form - Numerals (Level 1)

Factorial worksheets are divided into two parts. Part-A requires students to express the factorial in product form and Part-B is vice-versa.

Product form - Variables (Level 2)

Level 2 raises the bar by introducing variables. Part-A requires students to write the factorial of an algebraic expression in general form & Part-B is the other way around.

Express in specified factorial form

Each worksheet is divided into two sections. In Part A, express the given factorial in terms of specified factorial form. In Part B, write the numerals in factorial form.

Evaluate the factorial - Level 1

These factorial worksheets contain basic arithmetic operations and require students to simplify the numerical expression involving factorials.

Evaluate the factorial - Level 2

Level 2 worksheets comprise more complex factorial expressions, including exponents and square roots. Evaluate the expressions.

Simplifying factorial expressions

Simplify the algebraic expressions that involve factorials. Six problems are given in each worksheet.

Solving factorial equations - Level 1

Write the factorials in general form, isolate the variable and solve the equations involving factorials. Use the answer key to verify your solutions.

Solving factorial equations - Level 2

The level 2 worksheets offer a more complex factorial equation where students need to find the value of the variable.

Factorial: MCQ

These factorial worksheets combine all the aspects of factorials to reinforce the student's knowledge on factorials.

The entire collection of worksheets on factorial can be downloaded in a jiffy!