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Line graph worksheets have ample practice skills to analyze, interpret and compare the data from the graphs. Exercises to draw line graphs and double line graphs with a suitable scale; labeling the axes; giving a title for the graph and more are included in these worksheets.

Interpreting Line Graph: Easy

Line graph worksheets have three interesting scenarios with graphs given. Read the line graph and answer the word problems in each worksheet.

Interpret line graph: Easy

Car sales | Plant growth | Amy's savings

Interpreting Line Graph: Medium

Line graphs on different themes are shown in these worksheets. Interpret the data from the line graph and answer the questions.

Interpret line graph: Medium

Hippo population | Entertainment | Campers

Interpreting Line Graph: Hard

Line graphs in these worksheets represent more than ten data. Read and interpret the graph carefully to answer the questions.

Interpret line graph: Hard

Air temperature | Cookie sales

Age & Weight

Drawing Line Graph: Easy

In these worksheets, data for which the graph to be represented are given. Read the data, plot points and draw lines to complete the graph.

Drawing line graph: Easy

Movies watched | Football matches

Annual rainfall

Drawing Line Graph: Medium

The number usage (given data) gradually increases in this level. Plot points on the graph to represent the data and join them to make a line graph.

Drawing line graph: Medium

Motorbike ride | Fundraising

Bouquets made

Drawing Line Graph: Hard

Numerous data are used in these worksheets. Attentively read the data and represent it on the grid to draw the line graph.

Drawing line graph: Hard

Social networking | Share price

Annual sales

Title, Scale, Labeling Axis, and Graphing

Draw a line graph for the represented data. Make an appropriate scale, label the x axis, y axis and write your own title for the graph.

Representing data: Line graph

Absentees-class | Pie sales | Annual snowfall

Reading Double Line Graph

In these worksheets two sets of data are compared. Both the data are represented as a double line graph. Read them and answer the questions.

Reading double line graph

Factory employees | Sweet bread

Test scores

Drawing Double Line Graph

Two sets of data are given. Analyze the data, make a suitable scale and draw double line graph. Label the axes and give a suitable title for the graph.

Drawing double line graph

Recycling | Summer earnings

Adventures stories

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