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Math Word Problems Worksheets

Free math word problems worksheets include various elementary word problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These worksheets are suitable for grade 1to grade 5 kids.

Pre-Algebra word problems included for students from grade 6 to grade 8. Printable worksheets include fraction word problems, decimals, percent, ratio, Venn diagram and more.

Geometry word problems based on area, volume and surface area is included.

Addition Word Problems:

Addition word problems are suitable for 1st grade to 5th grade kids. Word problems with different digits combinations are provided.

Subtraction Word Problems:

Practice with these subtraction word problems to understand the real life situations and learn how to use in practical life.

Multiplication Word Problems:

Find the cost of 8 books? Find the total hours required. How much milk kitty will consume? More and more applications are discussed in multiplication word problems.

Division Word Problems:

In multiplication we proceed from single to many whereas in division word problems we find from many to one. Eg: How much each apple cost? How much each box contains?

Fractions Word Problems:

Practice worksheets on addition and subtraction of like and unlike fraction word problems. These worksheets are suitable for grade 2 and up kids.

Decimals Word Problems:

Decimals word problems based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are included with different place values.

Ratio Word Problems:

Ratio is all about comparing objects or items or any two terms. Ratio word problems are useful for pre-algebra learners.


More Word Problems

Check out the word problems worksheets on percent, Venn diagrams and probability. Applicable for grade 4 and up kids.

Percent Word Problems:

Find more worksheets on percent for grade 4 and above kids.

Venn Diagram Word Problems:

Venn diagram problems based on two and three circles with and without universal set.

Probability Word Problems:

Variety of word problems worksheets based on probability are provided for your practice.

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