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Venn Diagram Word Problem Worksheets- Three sets

This page contains worksheets based on Venn diagram word problems, with Venn diagram containing three sets. The worksheets are broadly classified into two skills - Reading Venn diagram and drawing Venn diagram. The problems involving a universal set are also included. Printable Venn diagram word problem worksheets can be used to evaluate the analytical skills of the students and help them organize the data.

type 1

Reading Venn Diagram - Type 1

These worksheets consist of Venn diagrams containing three sets with the elements that are illustrated with pictures. Interpret the Venn diagram and answer the word problems given below.

type 2

Reading Venn Diagram - Type 2

The elements of three sets are represented as symbols in the Venn diagram. Count the symbols and write the answers in the space provided. Each worksheet contains two real-life scenarios.

standard without universal set

Standard word problems - Without universal set

These PDF worksheets contain Venn diagrams without universal set. Study the Venn diagram and answer the word problems.

standard with universal set

Standard word problems - With universal set

This section features extensive collection of Venn diagram word problems with a universal set. Different scenarios like doctor appointments, attractions of Niagara Falls and many more real-life scenarios are used in these sheets.

venn diagrams without universal set

Drawing Venn Diagram - Without universal set

Draw a Venn diagram with three intersecting circles. Fill in the data from the given description and find the missing information. The questions are based on union, intersection and complement of three sets.

Draw Venn Diagram - With universal set

Six exclusive worksheets on Venn diagram word problems are included here. Draw three overlapping circles and fill in the regions using the information provided. Based on your findings, answer the word problems.

The entire collection of worksheets on Venn diagram word problems - three sets can be downloaded in a jiffy!