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Significant Figures Worksheets

Significant figures (or sig-figs) worksheets are arguably an important practice resource for high school students in accounting for the uncertainty in measurement. Adhering to three important rules helps in identifying and counting the number of significant digits in whole numbers and decimals. The printable exercises on sig-figs cannot be complete without some practice in rounding to appropriate significant digits. The list doesn't just end here, there is much more to it. Grab your free worksheets and check out what's in store.

Counting Significant Figures in Whole Numbers

There's a reason why these counting significant figures worksheets with whole numbers are perfect for high school learners. Apply the Atlantic rule, and begin counting from the right considering non-zeros, captured zeros as significant and leading and trailing zeros as not significant.

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Counting the Significant Figures in Decimals

The decimal point in these counting sig-digs worksheets signals the application of the Pacific rule, which means you begin counting from the left starting with the first non-zero. The leading zeros are not significant, while the trailing, captured zeros, and non-zeros are significant.

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Significant Digits in Whole Numbers

Predominantly dealing with whole numbers, these sig-figs worksheet pdfs have a lot of variety to offer. Observing the numbers keenly, counting the number of significant digits in each, and choosing the option that has the appropriate number of sig-digs, is all that you need to do.

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Significant Digits in Decimals

In an effort to prove their mettle high school learners need to recapitulate the significant figure rules for decimals. Counting the sig-figs in the options and choosing the one that matches the specification is no big deal for students who are in groove!

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Significant Figures with Exponents

The expressions here consist of two parts: a number and a power of 10. The number part is significant, while the exponent part is not. Keep this in mind while counting the significant digits involving exponents featured in these pdfs.

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Significant Figures | Revision

With these printable revision worksheets on counting sig-digs featuring whole numbers, decimals, and scientific notations, at your disposal, you will never run out of practice worksheets to reaffirm your sig-figs identification skills.

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Sig-Figs | MCQ

High school students would gravitate toward these printable sig-figs worksheets if they intend to put their skills in identification, rounding, and operations with significant figures to test and comprehend the reliability of any measurement effortlessly.

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Rounding to Significant Figures Worksheets

These are hands-down the best rounding to significant figures worksheets you will find. Perform the four arithmetic operations with significant figures. Apply appropriate rules to round the sum, difference, product, or quotient to the fewest sig-figs.

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