Square Root Worksheets

The worksheets in this page contain printable square root charts and blank charts; finding square root for perfect squares; simplifying surds; and finding square root for fractions and decimals.

Square Root Charts

Perfect Square Root Chart:

Download this printable chart and keep it for your reference. Memorize the most you can.

Square Root Chart 1-10

Square Root Chart 1-15

Square Root Chart 1-20

Square Root Chart 1-25

Square Root Chart 1-50

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Blank Square Root Chart:

Basic worksheets contain square root for the perfect squares in three levels.

Blank Chart 1-10

Blank Chart 1-15

Blank Chart 1-25

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Square Root - Whole Numbers

Square root: Perfect Square Numbers

Use any of these methods to find the square root for perfect square numbers but not calculator: Factorization; Long Division Method; Challenge your Memory.

Square Root - Easy

Square Root - Moderate

Square Root - Difficult

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Simplifying Surds: Non Perfect Squares

Use factorization method to simplify the surds and leave the exact answer.

Simplifying Surds - Easy

Simplifying Surds - Moderate

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Calculator Worksheets

Use calculator or long division method to find the value of the square root rounding to two decimal places.

Calculator 1

Calculator 2

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Square Root - Fractions

Perfect Squares

Each question contains perfect square numbers in both numerator and denominator. You should know the squares from 1 to 15.

Fraction - Perfect

Non Perfect Squares

Simplify the numerator and denominator and then find the square root.

Fraction Square Root 1

Fraction Square Root 2

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Square Root - Decimals

Answers in Tenth Place

Use long division or factorization method to solve these square root worksheets. The numbers used are perfect squares.

Decimal - Easy

Decimal - Moderate

Decimal - Difficult

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Answers in Hundredth Place

Though the answers are hundredth places, the questions are easy to solve.

Decimal Square Root