Square Root Worksheets

The worksheets in this page contain printable square root charts and blank charts; finding square root for perfect squares; simplifying surds; and finding square root for fractions and decimals.

Square Root Charts

Perfect Square Root Chart:

Download this printable chart and keep it for your reference. Memorize the most you can.

Square Root Chart 1-10

Square Root Chart 1-15

Square Root Chart 1-20

Square Root Chart 1-25

Square Root Chart 1-50

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Blank Square Root Chart:

Basic worksheets contain square root for the perfect squares in three levels.

Blank Chart 1-10

Blank Chart 1-15

Blank Chart 1-25

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Square Root - Whole Numbers

Square root: Perfect Square Numbers

Use any of these methods to find the square root for perfect square numbers but not calculator: Factorization; Long Division Method; Challenge your Memory.

Square Root - Easy

Square Root - Moderate

Square Root - Difficult

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Simplifying Surds: Non Perfect Squares

Use factorization method to simplify the surds and leave the exact answer.

Simplifying Surds - Easy

Simplifying Surds - Moderate

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Calculator Worksheets

Use calculator or long division method to find the value of the square root rounding to two decimal places.

Calculator 1

Calculator 2

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Square Root - Fractions

Perfect Squares

Each question contains perfect square numbers in both numerator and denominator. You should know the squares from 1 to 15.

Fraction - Perfect

Non Perfect Squares

Simplify the numerator and denominator and then find the square root.

Fraction Square Root 1

Fraction Square Root 2

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Square Root - Decimals

Answers in Tenth Place

Use long division or factorization method to solve these square root worksheets. The numbers used are perfect squares.

Decimal - Easy

Decimal - Moderate

Decimal - Difficult

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Answers in Hundredth Place

Though the answers are hundredth places, the questions are easy to solve.

Decimal Square Root

The whole batch of worksheets on square roots can be downloaded instantly.

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