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Square Root Worksheets

Make spectacular headway on factorization and long division, the primary methods used in finding the square roots of numbers, with this compilation of printable worksheets. The square root of a number is a value which, when multiplied by itself, produces the number. Catering to the learning requirements of 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students, our pdf resources help hone in on evaluating the square roots of perfect squares, reducing non-perfect squares to the simplest radical form, and more! Some of our worksheets are absolutely free of cost.

Finding Square Roots of Perfect Squares | Integers

Supply grade 6 students with these pdf worksheets, so they become remarkably confident and fairly practiced at finding the square roots of perfect squares. They get to practice first fifty square roots.

  • pdf 1
  • pdf 2
  • pdf 3

Finding Square Roots of Perfect Squares | Decimals

Abounding with well over 40 problems, this bunch of printable worksheets has a wealth of practice for grade 7 students to use the long division method to determine the square roots of decimal perfect squares.

  • printable 1
  • printable 2
  • printable 3

Finding Square Roots of Perfect Squares | Fractions

Take your practice of finding the square roots of fractions from bright to illustrious, with these pdf worksheets. Factorize the perfect squares in the numerator and denominator of each fraction, and evaluate the root.

  • practice 1
  • practice 2
  • practice 3

Simplest Radical Form | Easy

Drill kids in reducing the square roots to the simplest form with this practice set, featuring 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit radicands that are not perfect squares. Use the prime factorization method to simplify the radicals here.

  • easy 1
  • easy 2
  • easy 3

Simplest Radical Form | Moderate

Designed to deepen students’ understanding of simplifying radicals, this assemblage of square roots worksheets is sure to test the knowledge of math wizards.

  • moderate 1
  • moderate 2
  • moderate 3

Finding Square Roots Using a Calculator

These printable worksheets are a robust practice and enrichment tool that teaches children to find the square roots of numerals up to 50 using a calculator. They need to round the values to two decimal places.

  • worksheet 1
  • worksheet 2
  • worksheet 3

Making Perfect Squares

Optimize your practice of converting non-perfect square numbers to perfect squares, with these exclusive exercises. Decipher the least number that should be divided or multiplied with the given numbers.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3

Printable Square Root Charts

Looking for colorful displays to make "square roots of numbers" lessons twice as interesting? Don't miss out on this vibrant set of our all-new templates that illustrate the square roots of first 25, 50, and 100 perfect squares!

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