Square Root Tables | Printable Charts

Whether you are in grade 6, grade 7, or grade 8, having an absolute mastery over square roots of numbers is going to make your math life a whole lot easier. A key player that makes its presence felt across major branches of math including geometry, algebra, and statistics, square roots of perfect squares is especially helpful in assessments where success greatly depends on your ability to make swift calculations. Call it an instant tool that helps you memorize the square roots of perfect squares and ace your exams or an exciting upgrade that lets you almost immediately stand out, this set of three printable square root charts is a highly recommended resource. Our free square root charts are a great place to make a head start!

Square Root Chart | 25 Perfect Squares

Ring in a newfound enthusiasm among 6th grade students with this square root chart! A perfect material to be instantly printed and permanently displayed in the classroom, this chart consists of square roots of the first 25 perfect squares.

Square Root Chart | 50 Perfect Squares

Brighten your preparation with this printable illustration featuring the square roots of first 50 perfect squares in a neat tabulation. Designed to work as an excellent reference while solving problems involving square roots, this is yet another must-have tool.

Square Root Chart | 100 Perfect Squares

Pore over this display presenting the square roots of 1-100 perfect squares and see yourself grow fonder of simplifying expressions with square roots! You don't need to use prime factorization or other methods every time you find the square roots. Instead, plug in the simplified values directly wherever necessary.