List of Squares of Numbers | Printable Charts

Anchor the learning of grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 students with these printable charts on squaring numbers. Serving as a quick reference, these cheat sheets not only support students, but save teachers from having to go over concepts repeatedly. The square of a number is simply a number of the form n2 or (n x n), where n is any integer. Putting it in words: a number raised to the second power or multiplied by itself. Learning the perfect squares by heart is undoubtedly a challenge. The trick, however, is to memorize a few at a time. Begin with the first 25 square numbers, then move on to 50, and raise the bar to 100 with the help of these squaring number charts available in three different number ranges 1-25, 1-50, and 1-100. Explore our free perfect squares chart for a sneak-peek into what lies in store!

List of First 25 Square Numbers Chart

Its proven that kids store more information when concepts are paired with images. Keep this printable list of first 25 perfect square numbers pinned to your wall for kids to learn the perfect squares of numbers from 1-25.

Squaring Numbers in the Range 1-50 Chart

Comprehend more deeply and remember more of what you learn with this table of squares comprising whole numbers ranging between 1 and 50. Use this squaring numbers pdf chart to memorize the perfect squares of the first fifty whole numbers raised to the power of 2.

Table of Squares from 1-100 Chart

This compulsive-print cheat sheet shows the squares of numbers between 1 to 100. It triggers connections with the initial lesson, and works great as an easy reference for students to identify the perfect squares. Watch your memory serve you well with this printable table of squares chart!

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