Temperature Worksheets

Thermometers are tools used to measure how hot or cold something is. The temperature worksheets are sure to provide 1st grade through 8th grade students with adequate practice in reading thermometers, shading them, comparing temperatures, ordering them from the warmest to the coldest and vice versa, converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, converting temperatures between Kelvin and Celsius, and to comprehend the increase or decrease in temperature. Drawing a thermometer every time you need to practice a skill is not just time-consuming, it often hinders practice. Our printable thermometer templates remove these barriers. The free temperature worksheets offered here will set you on the right path!

Reading Thermometers Worksheets

Amanda plans snowmobiling with her friends. Her thermometer reads 24°F; just perfect for the activity. Reading a thermometer to tell the temperature is a skill that kids of grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 will become conversant in, if they use these reading thermometer pdfs.

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Comparing Higher and Lower Temperatures

Identifying the thermometer with a higher or a lower temperature is no longer a tough nut to crack. Observe each pair of thermometers in these comparing temperatures worksheets and choose the option that best answers the question.

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Comparing Temperatures | Warmer or Colder?

Read the temperature and check the thermometer indicating a lesser value for cooler thermometers and with a higher value for warmer thermometers. Instruct students of grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7 to look closely, and the level of shading will give them a hint.

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Ordering Temperatures from Warmest to Coldest

Rich with scads of cool and warm thermometers, these pdfs breathe new life into your ordering temperature practice. Reading the scales and arranging the temperatures from the coldest to the warmest is no big deal.

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Ordering Temperatures from Coldest to Warmest

Continue to allow your thermometer-reading skill to feed on enormous practice! Students of 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade arrange temperatures from the hottest to the coldest in these temperature worksheets keeping a watch on the tricky negative temperatures!

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Arranging Temperatures in Ascending and Descending Order

Top up practice with practice! Whether it is arranging temperatures in ascending or descending order, children do it effortlessly working their way through these printable ordering thermometer worksheets that transform them into champs!

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Converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit Worksheets

Did you know 0°C = 32°F and -40°C = -40°F? With different units being used in different countries, it becomes essential for 5th grade through 8th grade kids to learn the formulas to convert temperatures between the two units °F and °C.

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Converting between Celsius and Kelvin Worksheets

The Kelvin scale is used to measure extremely cold or hot temperatures. Switch temperatures between °C and K easily, by adding 273.15 to a Celsius temperature to change it to Kelvin and subtract 273.15 to do vice versa in these Kelvin and Celsius conversion pdfs.

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Adding and Subtracting Temperatures

Temperature has a reputation for fickleness! Grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 learners read the thermometers, add temperatures when there is an increase or rise and subtract when there is a fall or decrease. Be vigilant with the negative temperatures!

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Printable Blank Thermometer Templates

Whether it is a single blank thermometer template or a collection of 8 thermometers in one printable template, with temperature readings between 0 and 50, 0 and 100, or -50 and 50 degrees in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, we have them all pre-made to save your time!

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