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Printable Thermometer Templates

Get your students excited about angling for a big score in their thermometers task! Let them prove that they know the thermometer like the back of their hand by reading a variety of temperatures with absolute ease. Equipped with printable blank thermometer templates with temperatures ranging from 0 to 50, 0 to 100, -50 to 50 degrees and in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales this bunch is diverse, compulsive, and prolific. How tedious would it be to draw a thermometer for every exercise your grade 1 through grade 8 learners do? Fret not! These thermometer template pdfs come to your rescue. Print as many as you require and get practicing. Our free thermometer templates are a must-have for instant practice.

Blank Thermometer | 0° to 50° | Single

Take a long, relaxed look at this giant, easy-to-read thermometer! Marked from 0° to 50° this blank thermometer pdf will fit around a number of temperature-reading tasks that teachers set for students.

Blank Thermometer | 0° to 50° | 8-in-1

Go on a temperature-reading spree with the wealth of thermometers contained within this template! With 8 thermometers each of which are marked from 0 to 50 degrees, there's no dearth of practice materials.

Printable Thermometer Template | 0° to 100° | Single

Let your temperature-reading skills gain ground with this blank thermometer template, with 0° to 100° readings! Enhance your practice using a whole slew of skills involving thermometers.

Printable Thermometer Template | 0° to 100° | 8-in-1

Cultivate an immaculate thermometer-reading culture on the back of the generous practice provided by this fit-any-skill printable template of eight thermometers with 0 to 100 degree readings.

Thermometer Template | -50° to 50°

With temperatures in negative degree joining the party, there's more versatility in measuring temperature. Direct students to print as many copies of this template and fulfill all their temperature-reading wishes!

Thermometer Template | -50° to 50° | 8-in-1

Are you left thirsting after more temperature practice? You can now work on any skill to your heart's content with this super abundant set where eight thermometers marked -50° and 50° await you.

Thermometer Template with Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales

With both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales marked on either side of the thermometer, this blank thermometer pdf is a sure-fire hit with Celsius scale markings from -40 to 50 degrees, and Fahrenheit scale readings from -40 to 120 degrees.

8-in-1 Thermometer Templates with Two Scales

It's not every day that you have a thermometer bonanza! When you do, make the most of it. This template consisting of 8 thermometers, has temperature readings in both Celsius scales and Fahrenheit scales.