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Convert between Celsius and Kelvin Worksheets

Turn your temperature-converting tasks into a fun and exciting affair! Let converting between Celsius and Kelvin scales no longer be a head-scratcher for young learners! Stuffed full of concrete, worked-out examples, and exercises our printable worksheets help students in 5th grade through 8th grade to take the edge off their learning and practice of converting between temperatures represented in the two scales. Let's learn about Celsius, the derived unit for temperature in the SI system and Kelvin, the base unit of temperature in the SI system. The easiest way to convert between Celsius and Kelvin is to use the relation 0° Celsius = 273.15 kelvin and express the temperature in Kelvin or Celsius. Apply your classroom learning as you solve a host of slice-of-life word problems. It's time you jazz up your practice session with our free Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion worksheet!

Converting Temperature from Celsius to Kelvin

Warm up to the process of converting temperatures with these printable worksheets perfect for grade 5 and grade 6 students! To convert the temperature to Kelvin scale, add the temperature in Celsius to 273.15. Watch how your temperature-converting practice springs to a new life!

pdf 1

pdf 2

pdf 3

Converting Temperature from Kelvin to Celsius

Take your temperature-conversion knowledge a rank up with these pdfs where you convert from Kelvin to Celsius. Subtract 273.15 from the given Kelvin temperature to obtain the temperature in Celsius. Converting temperatures will now be twice as quick!

printable 1

printable 2

printable 3

Converting between Celsius and Kelvin - Type 1

Delight in a newfound confidence that shines through your converting between Celsius and Kelvin scales with this compilation of 2-part worksheets! Whether it's Celsius to Kelvin or Kelvin to Celsius, converting temperatures is now child's play for students in grade 7 and grade 8.

practice 1

practice 2

practice 3

Converting between Celsius and Kelvin - Type 2

Outperform your peers as you switch from guided to independent practice in these type-2 Celsius to Kelvin conversion worksheet pdfs! Read and convert temperatures, and solve a bunch of lifelike word problems too.

worksheet 1

worksheet 2

worksheet 3