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Kindergarten Math Worksheets | Printable Workbooks

Leonardo Da Vinci says "Learning never exhausts the mind", it definitely won't with this cluster of kindergarten math worksheets. Lined up here are amazing workbooks in accordance with the Common Core State Standards, encompassing engaging activities in counting and cardinality, sequencing and skip counting. Introduce basic addition and subtraction, learn to compare and order attributes and identify shapes as well.

Counting and Cardinality | CCSS K.CC

Counting and Cardinality for Kindergarten

Learn one-to-one correspondence between numerals, number names and the actual count of objects with these visually appealing worksheets with captivating activities for kindergarten kids.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking | CCSS K.OA

Addition for Kindergarten

Tackle these addition worksheets featuring engrossing activities like counting pictures to add, completing number bonds, counting dominoes and solving word problems to familiarize kids with addition.

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Subtraction for Kindergarten | Volume 1 (1-5)

The aesthetically designed activity worksheets for kindergarten enclose tasks like picture subtraction, crossing out and counting, subtracting on a number line, subtraction drills and word problems with numbers up to 5.

Subtraction for Kindergarten | Volume 2 (1-10)

Reiterate the concept of subtraction with these kindergarten subtraction worksheets, dealing with numbers from 1 to 10. Find an enormous range of activities like subtracting on a number line, decoding riddles and more.

Measurement and Data | CCSS K.MD

Measurement | Comparing Attributes

Put on your reasoning caps to compare attributes featured in these vibrant worksheets, designed to grab the attention of the kindergarten kids. Enrich your vocabulary with basic antonyms in the process.

Geometry | CCSS K.G

Geometry for Kindergarten

Explore the world of shapes with these geometry worksheets for kindergarten, identify shapes, distinguish between 2D and 3D shapes, color and match them, relate shapes with real-world objects and more.