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Radicals Worksheets

Printable radicals worksheets cover all basic concepts in radicals such as identifying radicand and index, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing radicals with like and unlike radicands, perfect cube roots and square roots worksheets; charts and more. Special page for square root is here: Square Root Worksheets.

Radical worksheets for high school students also included. Concepts like rationalizing the denominators, simplifying radicals, simplifying radical expressions and more are provided.

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Basic Radicals Worksheets:

Radical is a combination of radicand and index. Basic radical worksheets for kids to identify radicand and index.


Student must be aware of basic square roots and cube roots. Print these charts and use it for homeschooling or classroom purposes.

Addition of Radicals Worksheets:

Addition of radicals is really simple if the radicands and index are same. Otherwise, simplify the radicals before add them.

Subtraction of Radicals Worksheets:

Subtracting radicals can be done as similar to adding radicals. Answers may also come as negative radicals.

Multiplication of Radicals Worksheets:

Multiplication does not depend on same radicand but for same index. You may need knowledge of exponents in few problems.

Division of Radicals Worksheets:

Simplify the radicals and then cancel the like radicals. Explore your knowledge in radicals by practicing with these worksheets.

Simplify the Radicals:

Need more practice in simplifying the radicals? Try these worksheets to develop your skill in simplification.

Rationalize the Denominators:

Rationalizing the denominator is the most important concept in radicals. Worksheets are suitable for grade 5 and up.

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