Decimal Word Problem Worksheets

Extensive decimal word problems are presented in these sets of worksheets, which require the learner to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations. This batch of printable decimal word problem worksheets is curated for students of grade 3 through grade 7. Free worksheets are included.

Select the Measurement Units

Adding Decimals Word Problems

Decimal word problems presented here help the children learn decimal addition based on money, measurement and other real-life units.

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Subtracting Decimals Word Problems

These decimal word problem worksheets reinforce the real-life subtraction skills such as tender the exact change, compare the height, the difference between the quantities and more.

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Multiplying Decimals Word Problems

Each decimal word problem involves multiplication of a whole number with a decimal number. 5th grade students are expected to find the product and check their answer using the answer key provided in the second page.

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Dividing Decimals Word Problems

These division word problems require children to divide the decimals with the whole numbers. Ask the 6th graders to perform the division to find the quotient by applying long division method. Avoid calculator.

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Decimals: Addition and Subtraction

It's review time for grade 4 and grade 5 students. Take these printable worksheets that help you reinforce the knowledge in adding and subtracting decimals. There are five word problems in each pdf worksheet.

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Decimals: Multiplication and Division

These decimal worksheets emphasize decimal multiplication and division. The perfect blend of word problems makes the grade 6 and grade 7 children stronger in performing the multiplication and division operation.

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