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Ratio Word Problem Worksheets

We are delighted to share this set of extensively well-researched ratio word problem worksheets which will help children to grasp the basics of ratio calculations. These worksheets include simple theme-based ratio word problems, finding the ratio between two quantities, word problems that require children to find a part from the whole, part-to-part, a whole from the part, reading pictographs, bar graphs, and pie graphs. Use the 'Download All' option to grab all our PDF files under this topic.

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Express in ratio: Read the themes

Look at these vivid themes and answer the word problems. Express in ratio and reduce it to the lowest term. Use the answer key to verify your responses.

Find the ratio between two quantities

This set of well-researched ratio word problems include factual and educative real-life scenarios. Find the ratio between the two quantities. Express your answer in the simplest form.

Ratio word problems: Part-to-part

Based on the data given in these colorful worksheets, read and answer the extremely engaging part-to-part ratio word problems that ensue. You have an option to download all this set of worksheets in a single click.

Ratio word problems: A part from the whole

This collection of ratio word problems will require students to find the parts from the given ratio and the whole. Set up the simple equation and solve the word problems.

Ratio word problems: The whole from the part

Based on one part of the number and the ratio provided in these word problems, the children need to find the share of the other part and the whole. There are five word problems in each worksheet.

Ratio word problems: Mixed bag

This set of assorted word problems contains a mix of finding part-to-part, part-to-whole, and finding the ratio. Some word problems may require you to find the ratio based on the increase or decrease in quantity and vice versa.

Reading pictographs

Use the key to find the total of each item. Read the pictograph and answer the word problems. The word problems are based on finding ratio between the quantities. Do not forget to reduce the ratio to the lowest term.

Reading bar graphs

The data provided in these bar graphs are borrowed from real-life scenarios. Read the bar graphs and write the ratio in the simplest form. The following themes are used here: car sales, milk production in different countries and annual rainfall.

Reading pie graphs

The worksheets in this section contain ratio word problems based on pie graphs. Read the pie graph, find the ratio and solve the word problems.

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