The Discriminant Worksheets

Finding the discriminant worksheets with their enormous collection of quadratic equations is a good fit for your high school students. It is important to know what a discriminant is well before you get started. A discriminant is the part of the quadratic formula that is underneath the square root symbol given by b2 - 4ac. Substituting and computing is all you need to do to find the discriminant of each quadratic equation. Keep these basics in mind before attempting these printable worksheets offering two levels of difficulty, one to initiate the process involving integer coefficients, and the other to build concepts with decimal and radical coefficients. Choose what suits you best. Head toward a great start with our free worksheet.

Finding the Discriminant | Easy

The simple and clear as crystal quadratic equations featured in these pdf worksheets are in their standard form: ax2 + bx + c = 0, with integer coefficients. Plug in the values in Δ = b2 - 4ac, solve, and there you have the discriminant. Recognizing the solutions feels as easy as ABC with this handy method.

easy 1

easy 2

easy 3

Finding the Discriminant | Moderate

Challenge high school students with these worksheets involving decimals and radicals as coefficients. Some quadratic equations may be in disguise, convert them to the standard form. Solving may be a head-scratcher, although the procedure to find the discriminant remains the same.

moderate 1

moderate 2

moderate 3