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Composing and Decomposing 2D Shapes Worksheets

Delight young architects of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 with our printable composing and decomposing 2D shapes worksheets encompassing a roster of exercises such as partitioning flat shapes, composing simple 2D figures like rectangles, squares, triangles, half-circles to form composite shapes, decomposing 2-dimensional figures made interesting with matching, coloring, cut and glue activities that are ingredients enough for your recipe of happy kids. Swoop in on our free combining and decomposing 2D shapes worksheets for an ideal start!

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Choosing the Composite Shape

Let the imagination of kindergarten and 1st grade kids soar as they combine each pair of 2D shapes, aligning their sides accurately and choose the composite shape that is formed by composing the two.

Composing and Matching 2D Shapes

It's easy to capture the attention of kids with this composing 2D shapes worksheet pdf. Watch them eagerly combine each set of flat shapes and match them to the composed figure created.

Decomposing Rectangles into Squares

Partition each rectangle into same-sized squares by dividing it into the number of rows and columns as instructed. Count and write how many squares are formed.

Coloring the Decomposed 2D Figures

This printable decomposing 2D shapes worksheet beats boredom and pushes boundaries. Grade 1 and grade 2 kids identify and color the shapes that are combined to construct the specified composite shape.

Decomposing Two-Dimensional Shapes

Whether it is transforming a hexagon into two trapezoids or breaking down a trapezoid into three triangles, kids get glued to this pdf as they experience the joy of converting one 2-dimensional figure into another.

Composing 2D Shapes in Real-Life | Cut and Glue

Take it one step further with a touch of the real world. Visualize assembling each pair of 2D shapes to construct a new shape. Cut and glue the real-life objects that are formed by composing the shapes.

Composing and Decomposing 2D Figures | MCQ

There are plenty of ways to make sure 2nd grade kids know their concepts, one of them being this MCQ worksheet. Choose the shapes created by composing and decomposing flat figures.