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Sides and Corners of 2D Shapes Worksheets

You are sure to file this unit of sides and corners of 2D shapes worksheets under genius teaching resources as it comprises a printable 2-dimensional shapes attributes chart, adequate exercises to identify and count the edges and vertices, riddles to add a spark of fun, MCQ to test comprehension, a pdf to analyze and compare attributes in plane shapes and more. These reasoning with attributes worksheets are sure to combat boredom and get out the wiggles in kids of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2. Our free sides and corners worksheets let you have a peek into what's in store!

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Sides and Vertices of 2D Shapes | Chart

Side or edge, vertex or corner, no matter what you call them, knowing the attributes of 2D shapes using this chart will help your kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids tell one plane shape from the other.

Counting Sides and Corners

It's amazing how this counting sides and corners worksheet pdf loaded with a few 2D figures becomes an instant hit with kindergarten kids. Counting the attributes in flat shapes is all they need to do.

Coloring by Sides

What kid wouldn't want this printable worksheet to get a hang of the sides of flat shapes? Count the sides, map the number to the color code and color the 2-dimensional shapes accordingly.

Naming the Shapes and Writing the Sides and Vertices

Surprise your crew with this sides and vertices worksheet. Get kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade to write the name of the plane shape and the number of vertices and sides in each.

Completing the 2D Shapes Attributes Table

This printable worksheet is for the know-it-alls of grade 2. Nine shapes are listed here, label them, write the number of sides and vertices in each and enhance spelling skills as you tabulate the attributes.

Sides and Corners of Real-Life 2D Objects

A chessboard, and a kite, for the playful ones, a cookie, and a nacho for the hungry ones, this worksheet caters to all. Pull out this pdf worksheet to check if kids can identify the sides and corners in these real-life objects.

How Many Sides and Corners?

Put this printable sides and corners MCQ worksheet to good use by having kids of 2nd grade count the attributes of each 2D figure and check the option that defines it best.

Which 2D Shape Am I?

Name the shape with no sides and corners. Did you crack that one in a jiffy? Turn this attributes of 2D shapes worksheet into a guess-to-win-it game and watch how kids find the flat shapes from their attributes.

Comparing the Attributes of 2D Shapes

With scads of 2D figures spread around, this comparing the attributes of 2-dimensional shapes pdf helps kids practice comparing either the vertices or sides of two plane shapes and writing which has more.