2D Shapes in Real-Life Worksheets

Rev up kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids with our printable 2D shapes in real-life worksheets. Don't confine your knowledge to paper-pencil activities, get kids to burn off steam with a shape hunt looking for 2-dimensional shapes hidden in their environment. Shape learning is such a blast when you’ve got the whole thing planned out! Let kids identify, name, and describe basic two-dimensional shapes presented as real-life objects. Every amazing package of 2D figures is incomplete without real-life examples. Be sure to grab your free 2D shapes in real-life worksheets.

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Real-Life 2D Objects | Chart

Add lively pops of color to your class with this printable 2D shapes in real-life chart. It’s just one of those super-essential charts that brings in real-world examples and takes learning beyond books.

Choosing Real-life 2D Objects

Two-dimensional figures in this pdf are turned into everyday objects by adding details. Check if your kinders and 1st grade kids can identify the object resembling the specified flat shape.

Matching Shapes and Real Objects

If you need something that works on identifying and matching plane shapes with their real-life lookalikes then this printable 2D shapes in real-life worksheet is what you should opt for.

Coloring Everyday 2D Shapes

Scout out the underlying shape in each real-life object, regardless of its orientation, overall size, or added details. Color the everyday 2D objects in this pdf worksheet using the color code.

2D Shapes & Objects | Cut and Glue Activity

Double the fun with this 2D figures in real-life worksheet as kids in grade 1 and grade 2 cut out the images of real-life objects and glue them in the plane shapes they resemble and hone scissor skills.

Identifying 2D Shapes in Real-World Objects

Shape learning is no more a tedious chore with this hands-on real-world 2D shapes pdf worksheet. Describe the real-life object using the names of shapes they remind you of.

Drawing and Labeling Real-Life 2D Objects

Keep the momentum going with this printable real-life flat shapes worksheet. Let 2nd grade kids recognize the 2D shape associated with each real-life object, name, and draw the shape.