Recognize Rectangles Worksheets

Develop a foundational understanding of recognition of the rectangular shapes with this collection of printable worksheets and activities, recommended for preschool and kindergarten kids. Learn the early math skills to identify, trace, color, write and draw the shape of the rectangle with these captivating worksheets. Explore our fun-filled maze worksheets to practice recognizing the rectangles. Begin your exploration with our free worksheets!

Color, Trace, Connect and Draw a Rectangle

Teach effectively and enhance the visual analysis of your kid by with activities like coloring, tracing and connecting the dots. And also ask the children to draw a rectangle with this set of multi-functional worksheets.

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Trace the Shape and its Name

Brainstorm the kindergarten kids to practice the word 'rectangle' with these dot-to-dot worksheet pdfs. Increase the fluency in writing by tracing the shapes and words.

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Coloring Rectangles

Explore this set of printable worksheets to find the rectangle from the assortment of shapes, and shade the rectangles with your favorite color. Count and write the number of rectangles to complete the question below.

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Identify the Rectangles from the Picture

Reinforce the concept of identifying rectangles from the picture which is a composition of different shapes. Count the number of rectangles involved in each image and answer the question to enhance the kid's analytical skills.

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Identify and Color the Rectangular Objects

Boost the observing skills of children with these creative pdf worksheets. Increase the hand-and-eye coordination by recognizing and coloring the rectangular objects.

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Solve the Maze

Improve the problem solving and visual motor skills of kids by coloring the rectangles and pave the way for the butterfly to reach the flower, the boy to reach his school bus and the crab to find his pal!

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