Square Worksheets

The square worksheets offer a complete package, perfect for children of kindergarten through grade 8. Included here are ample pdf exercises for beginners to identify squares and then move on to finding the perimeter and area of squares. Gain immense practice in determining the diagonals from the given side lengths and find the side lengths using the diagonal measures as well. Plunge into practice with our free worksheets!

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Coloring, Tracing, and Drawing Squares

Implant the picture of a square in the minds of kindergarten and 1st grade kids with this set of coloring, tracing, and drawing squares worksheets. Assemble a toy train, build a robot, and do a lot more with squares!

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Perimeter of Squares

Packed here is a collection of worksheets for 2nd grade and above on finding the perimeter of squares with dimensions offered as integers, fractions and decimals. Learn to find the side length and the diagonal of a square using the perimeter.

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Area of Squares

Excel in calculating the area of a square with this set of pdf worksheets presenting integer, decimal and fraction dimensions. Compiled here are exercises for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade to find the area, the side length, the length of the diagonal and more.

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Diagonal from Side Length

Try this tricky set of printable worksheets on finding the side length of a square using the diagonal. Plug in the side measures in the Pythagorean theorem modified as d = √2 * a to find the diagonal length.

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Side Length from Diagonal

Enumerate the diagonal measure by assigning the length of the diagonal in the formula a = √2 * d/2, derived from the Pythagorean theorem; in this assemblage of square worksheets, perfect for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

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Area from Perimeter and Vice Versa

Practice calculating the area of a square using the perimeter and vice versa. Determine the side length and substitute in the relevant formula to solve for area and perimeter of squares.

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  • practice 3
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