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Walk through this assortment of Kite worksheets that provide best-practice materials on topics like identifying kites, area and perimeter of a kite, printable property charts, angles, solving problems involving algebraic expressions and a lot more. The worksheets are diligently prepared and recommended for students of grade 3 through grade 8.

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Properties of a Kite | Charts

This set of printable charts illustrates the fundamental properties of kites based on angles, diagonals and sides. Memorize the properties of a Kite to swiftly solve the problems.

Charts: Sides, Diagonals, Angles

State whether the given shape is a kite: with measures

The grade 3 worksheets consist of quadrilaterals depicted in three forms - with measures, indicated with congruent parts and in word form. Recognize and write, whether the given shape is a 'kite' or 'not a kite'.

State whether the given shape is a kite: no measures

Identify the kite from the group of regular and irregular quadrilaterals presented with no measures.

Find the side length from the diagonal

The diagonals of a kite are perpendicular. Using this property and the given diagonal measures, find the indicated side length. Knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem is a prerequisite in solving these problems.

Solve for x - side length

One side of the congruent parts is shown in numeral and the other side in linear expression. Set up the equation and solve for x.

Solve for x - diagonal

This set of kite worksheets is based on the property - diagonals of a kite bisect each other. One part of the diagonal measure is given. The other part of the diagonal is shown as an algebraic expression. Set the equation and solve the problem.

Finding indicated measure by solving x (length): sides

Heighten your skills in solving kite problems that involve algebraic expressions. One pair of congruent parts is provided in linear expressions. Equate the expression, solve for x and find the indicated lengths.

Perimeter of a Kite

This compilation of worksheets features skills to find the perimeter of a kite involving integers, decimals and fractions, finding the missing length and a lot more!

(21 Worksheets)

Area of a Kite

Engage in this collection of worksheets that provides exercises like finding the area of a kite with attributes in integers, fractions and decimals, finding the area of a kite involving unit conversions and more.

(60 Worksheets)

Angles in a Kite

Get introduced to the angles of kites with this range of worksheets that contains skills like finding the indicated angles, angle properties, solving algebra problems and more.

(15 Worksheets)

Obtain the entire collection of worksheets on kites in a jiffy!

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