Trapezoid Worksheets (Trapezium in UK)

Get to know the concepts of trapezoids with this stack of worksheets, tailor-made for students of grade 3 through high school. Comprehend the basic properties and solve the problems involving sides, angles and diagonals of a trapezoid; classify trapezoids and calculate the perimeter and area of trapezoids with this set of printable worksheets. Kick-start your practice with our free trapezoid worksheets!

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Name the Trapezoids

Trapezoids with congruent sides are displayed. Classify each trapezoid as scalene, isosceles or right trapezoid based on the congruent parts and right angle.

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Length of the midsegment (median)

In this set of 6th grade worksheets, calculate the length of the median by finding the average of the two base measures in Part A. Figure out the missing length by substituting in an appropriate formula in Part B.

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Trapezoids | Solve for x

Base measures and medians are shown as linear expressions and integers. 7th grade and 8th grade students need to solve for x using the median formula and substitute in the expression to figure out the indicated length.

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Isosceles Trapezoids | Find the indicated length

Interpret the properties of diagonals of an isosceles trapezoid with the printable PDFs here. Applying the congruent properties of the point of intersection of diagonals, find the measure of the indicated length.

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Perimeter of Trapezoids Worksheets

Walk through this collection of worksheets for 3rd grade and above and learn to find the perimeter of trapezoids whose side lengths are given in integer and decimal dimensions. Exercises involving missing parallel base or leg with the given perimeter are also given.

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Area of Trapezoids Worksheets

This assemblage of worksheets includes topics on finding the area of trapezoids, missing base lengths and the height of trapezoids with dimensions involving integers, fractions and decimals.

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Angles in Trapezoids Worksheets

With this bundle of high school pdf worksheets, learn to find the measure of indicated angles by applying angle-sum properties; the properties involving midsegment and diagonals of trapezoids.

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