Angles of a Trapezoid using Properties Worksheets

This assemblage of printable angles in trapezoids worksheets includes right, isosceles and scalene trapezoids for high school students. Adequate practice PDFs have been included to find the indicated angles in each of the given trapezoids using appropriate angle properties, find the angles involving midsegment and diagonals as well. Solve algebraic expressions to find the angle measures and review concepts with the revision worksheets. Plug into some of these worksheets for free!

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Find the Indicated Angles of Trapezoids

The adjacent angles of a trapezoid (the angles on the same leg) are supplementary. Apply this property and subtract the given angle from 180° to compute the measure of the indicated angle(s).

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Find the Indicated Angles | Diagonals

Featured in this array of worksheets are trapezoids with diagonals. Using the angle-sum property of a triangle and angles properties in trapezoids, find the measure of the indicated angle(s).

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Find the Indicated Angles | Midsegments

The midsegment joins the midpoints of the nonparallel sides of a trapezoid and is parallel to both the bases. Direct high school students to apply the transversal properties to find the indicated angles.

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Find the Angles in the Trapezoid | Solve for 'x' - Level 1

Set up a linear equation by applying co-interior angles theorem. Solve for 'x', substitute its value in the linear equation and find the measure of the specified angle in this bundle of PDFs on angles in trapezoids.

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Find the Angles in the Trapezoid | Solve for 'x' - Level 2

Incorporate this mix of trapezoids involving midsegments and diagonals. Use appropriate angle properties to form an equation. Find the value of 'x', plug it in the algebraic expression to find the angle(s).

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Find the Indicated Angles | Revision Worksheet

The printable revision worksheets help recap skills and offer myriad trapezoids with and without diagonals and midsegments. The angle measures are expressed as algebraic expressions. Find the angles by solving for 'x'.

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