Angles in Kite Worksheets

Add-on to your practice with this collection of angles and properties of kites worksheets. High-school students learn how to find the indicated vertex and non-vertex angles in a kite, determine the measure of angles with bisecting diagonals and solve for 'x' in problems involving algebra as well. Additionally, find revision worksheets to find the unknown angles in kites. Equip yourself with the Angles in a Kite chart for thorough knowledge.

Find the Indicated Angles | Vertex and Non-vertex Angles

Apply the properties of the kite to find the non-vertex angles. Add all known angles and subtract from 360o, or subtract the sum of the vertex angles from 360o and divide by 2 to find the non-vertex angles.

Find the Indicated Angles | Diagonals

The longer and shorter diagonals divide the kite into two congruent and two isosceles triangles respectively. Apply appropriate triangle theorems to find the indicated angles.

Find the Vertex and Non-vertex Angles | Solve for 'x'

The measures of the angles are given as a linear equation. Use the appropriate properties and solve for x. Substitute the value of x to determine the size of the unknown angles of the kites.

Solve for x | Find the Angles in a Kite (contain diagonals)

Use appropriate triangle theorems and solve algebraic expressions to find the value of 'x'. Plug in the value to find the indicated angle(s) in each of the eight kites featured in this set of high-school worksheets.

Solve for x | Find the Indicated Angles in a Kite

Recapitulate the concepts with this batch of worksheets to bolster skills in finding the size of the indicated vertex and non-vertex angles with and without diagonals involving algebraic expressions.

The entire collection of angles in kites worksheets can be downloaded in a jiffy!