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Coloring, Tracing, and Drawing Squares Worksheets

Our printable coloring, tracing, and drawing squares worksheets give you a valuable kid's resource to mine for learning and fun. Rounded up here are amazing exercises like identifying, coloring, tracing, and drawing squares. Add a touch of real-life as kids find square objects in their environment, and follow up with cut and glue and tracing the path activities that are enough to keep your preschool, kindergarten, or grade 1 kids glued for long stretches of time. Our free coloring, tracing, and drawing worksheet will leave you yearning for more!

Coloring, Tracing, Connecting the Dots, and Drawing Squares

A medley of four activities, beginning with coloring the square, then tracing it, joining the dots to make a square, and wrapping up by drawing a square, acquaints kids with the square shape.

Tracing and Coloring the Squares

Raise your hand, if you love drawing and coloring. Can your preschool kid trace the squares on the railroad cars, color them and complete the picture in this tracing and coloring squares pdf?

Tracing the Shape and Its Name

A blend of drawing and writing helps kids associate the shape with its name. Get the little architects of kindergarten and grade 1 to trace the squares, and the letters of the shape word.

Identifying and Coloring Squares

Comb through this printable worksheet and color all the squares you find in Part A, get your ruler and pencil and draw squares with equal sides of different sizes in Part B.

Finding, Coloring, and Counting Squares

Three real-life objects in this coloring and counting squares worksheet pdf have squares on them. Find and color them. Look for the squares in the T-shirt that has geometric shapes printed on it, count and color them.

Coloring the Square Objects

Where do you see squares in the real world? Look around and pick the square-shaped objects as a prelude to this printable coloring squares worksheet. Grab your crayons and color the square-shaped objects.

Cut and Glue Activity | Building a Bot

Zoomer, Dino, Sphero, and Cozmo do these names ring a bell? Get the budding inventors of preschool to make their own bot by snipping the squares of different sizes and gluing them in this pdf worksheet.

Solving the Maze

Bobbing its head, twisting, squirming, winding through the path, Jane the crane is foraging for food. Let kindergarten and 1st grade kids color the squares, track the path, and help her reach the pond.