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Tall vs short worksheets reinforce the knowledge in understanding sizes in terms of height. Several themes were used to realize and compare with living and non-living things in real world.

Recognizing Height

Tick the tall object and cross out the short object in each section. Each worksheet has 6 practice questions.

Recognizing Height

Recognize 1 | Recognize 2 | Recognize 3

Compare and Choose

Look at the picture in section A. Circle the picture from section B that is either shorter or taller (as per direction) than picture A.

Comparing Items

Comparing 1 | Comparing 2 | Comparing 3

Tall vs Short: Best Three Themes

Choose the taller/shorter one. Different theme used in each worksheet.

Which is Taller or Shorter?

Vehicle Theme | Trees and Plants Theme

Building Theme

Comparing Height: Family Theme

There are 3 families in each worksheet with a box under each member of a family. Compare the height and choose a tallest/shortest person from each family.

Comparing Height

Tallest vs Shortest 1 | Tallest vs Shortest 2

Tallest vs Shortest 3

Tallest vs Shortest: Coloring

You have 3 animals in each section. Color the tallest or shortest animal among the group.

Coloring Tallest/Shortest Item

Coloring 1 | Coloring 2 | Coloring 3

Ordering Worksheets

Each worksheet has 2 sections, with the first part in ordering tallest to shortest objects, and the second part in ordering shortest to tallest objects. Kitchen utensil theme is used in each worksheet.

Ordering Objects

Ordering 1 | Ordering 2 | Ordering 3

Cut and Glue Activity

Cut out the pictures and glue them under suitable category and size.

Cut and Glue Activity

Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3