Heavy vs Light Worksheets

Heavy and light worksheets help kids to understand weight concept at an early stage. There are a lot of printable colorful worksheets to teach kids under preschool, kindergarten and grade 1.

Heavy vs Light: Zoo Theme

Tick the heavy animal and cross out the light animal in the zoo.

Heavy vs Light: Vehicle Theme

There are boxes under vehicles in each section. Tick the box under heavy vehicle and cross out the box under light vehicle.

Seesaw Worksheets

Look at the seesaw. An animal down on the plank is heavier than animal that is up.

Themes: Farm Animals, Pet Animals, Reptiles, Birds

Estimating Object

Choose the correct choice that best estimates the weight of each object.

Heaviest vs Lightest

There are 3 objects in each section. Circle the heaviest or lightest object as in the direction.

Balancing Scale: Vegetables and Fruits

Count the number of vegetables or fruits on both side of balancing scale. Estimate the item that is lighter or heavier than other object.

Cut and Paste Activity

Cut out the pictures and paste them under suitable categories.

The whole batch of worksheets on heavy vs light can be downloaded instantly.