Telling Time Worksheets

Children don't mature into full-rounded individuals overnight. Years of exposure to little big things, at the top of which is telling time, help them stand on their own feet. Our printable telling time on analog clocks worksheets for children of 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade are so comprehensive that with them around you will hardly need to shop elsewhere for your time lessons. Whether it's to express a time in a full hour, help your peer figure out a half-hour, or lend a helping hand to your grandma with a tricky quarter-hour, these resources enable you to pass the tests of time magna cum laude. Try some of these worksheets for free, so you know how much of a difference the entire set would make!

Telling Time | Hourly Increment

Gift yourself with an immaculate mastery in telling times in hours with these basic pdf worksheets! Write the time shown in hours, choose which clock shows a given time, and write which of the given times correctly represents the clock shown.

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Telling Time | Half-Hourly Increment

Outshine your peers by telling times in hours and half hours twice as quickly! The number that the shortest hand is at or has passed and not reached its nearby number is the hour. Grab these 3-part grade 2 sets to cultivate a solid time-telling skill.

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Telling Time | Quarterly Increment

Give your fellow students a run for their money by tackling this pdf resource that express times in quarterly intervals! Read a bunch of clocks, find the clock that rightly depicts a time, and choose the time that correctly reads a clock.

  • practice 1
  • practice 2
  • practice 3

Telling Time | Increment of 5 Minutes

Let no upgrades get past you in reading time! Explore this bunch of printable worksheets where each minute hand points to a 5-minute unit. Help make kids connect to how much "five" looks like by, for example, counting 1 to 5.

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Telling Time | Increment of 1 Minute

Make great play of your time-telling ability in these grade 3 pdfs! Look for the position of the minute hand, so you not only easily read 6 clocks, you also wisely pick from a set of clocks and times one that best matches the time and clock respectively.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3

Writing Time in Words Worksheets

Articulate time accurately with this telling time in words exercises! Make friends with a host of common time expressions like 5 o'clock, half past 7, quarter past 8, quarter to 8, 2 to 2, and more! No matter what time it is, you now can tell it!

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