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Convert between 12-Hour and 24-Hour Clocks Worksheets

Times are told in two formats: the 12-hour format and the 24-hour format. In a 12-hour/a.m. & p.m. format, the day is split into two cycles of 12 hours: one from midnight to midday and another from midday to midnight. Challenge children to dig deep into their telling and converting time prowess with these printable converting to and from 12-hour clocks and 24-hour clocks worksheets for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students! Encourage students to keep the topic front and center so they turn all of their time-conversion tasks into child's play. Ranging from converting simple times to reading clocks to answering word problems, these worksheets have what it takes to shape children into confident time converters. Some of these worksheets are free!

Convert 12-Hour to 24-Hour Clocks

Get down to business with time conversion, using these 12-hour clocks to 24-hour clocks worksheets! 12 a.m. is 00.00 hours. From 12 midnight to 12.59 a.m., subtract 12 hours. From 1 a.m. to 12.59 p.m., there's no change. From 1.00 p.m. to 11.59 p.m., add 12 hours.

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24 to 12-hour Clock Conversion

Get your time conversion alive and kicking with this pdf! For the first hour of the day (00.00 to 00.59 am), add 12 hours. From 1.00 to 11.59, just add a.m. to it. From 12.00 to 12.59, simply add p.m. From 13.00 to 23.59, subtract 12 hours.

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Convert between 24-Hour and 12-Hour Times

Breathe life into your converting between 12-hour and 24-hour clocks skill with these 2-part exercises! First up are a set of a.m/p.m. times to be written in 24-hour clock notation. Then, there are a bunch of 24-hour times to be converted into a.m./p.m.

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Reading Clocks in Two Formats

Pull out all the stops for a perfect time conversion experience in these grade 4 and grade 5 worksheets! Read each clock and write the time first in the 12-hour format and then in the 24-hour format. Stick to the conversion rule to a tee, and you should be able to do a fantastic job.

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Matching 24-Hour Clocks to 12-Hour Clocks

Race through your time conversion practice with this set of printable time matching pdfs for grade 3! On the left side are ten 24-hour times, and on the left side are their 12-hour counterparts. Stand tall by matching each 24 hour to the correct 12 hour.

  • exercise 1
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  • exercise 3

Compare and Match

Raise your game of converting time with these 12-hour and 24-hour clocks worksheets! 9 analog clocks are featured; write under each clock one of the letters: a-i representing the digital clock that has the exact same time.

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