Estimating Time Worksheets

Time estimation worksheets contain skills based on choosing the reasonable estimate of time for an activity or task. Activities which take few seconds, minutes, hours, days and months are shown here with interesting real-life images. A better understanding of time concepts is obtained by practicing these printable pdfs. The exercises here cater to the requirements of grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 kids. Tap into some of these worksheets for free!

Estimating Units: Seconds, Minutes and Hours

Estimating time worksheets show different activities. Estimate the time unit for each activity. The duration of the activity can be seconds, minutes or hours.

  • pdf 1
  • pdf 2
  • pdf 3

Estimating Seconds, Minutes and Hours

In these pdf worksheets, Estimate the time for each activity in these 2nd grade worksheets and select the appropriate choice. The choices are in seconds, minutes and hours.

  • printable 1
  • printable 2
  • printable 3

Less than / More than a Minute

Activities which can be done within a minute and over a minute are shown. Choose the reasonable estimate of time in these printable worksheets.

  • practice 1
  • practice 2
  • practice 3

Less than / More than an Hour

The activities which can be completed before an hour and beyond an hour are depicted. Estimate the time duration for each activity and checkmark against the correct estimate in these 1st grade worksheets.

  • worksheet 1
  • worksheet 2
  • worksheet 3

Estimating Time: Mixed

In this 3rd grade practice set, choose the appropriate time of each activity from the given multiple choices. The period of the actions can be in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3

Estimate Time: Activity

For the given activity, first write down the estimated time. Then perform the activity and record the time. Tabulate your result. Activity template is included to create your own activity chart.

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  • pdf 2
  • pdf 3