Evaluating Trigonometric Functions Worksheets

Enable high school students to explore the endless possibilities in practicing evaluating trigonometric functions with this set of worksheets. For instance, take the trigonometric function f(x) = (sec2x)(cot2x), to evaluate this function for a specified radian value f(3π/4), simply plug in the value (3π/4) in every occurrence of x, as in sec2(3π/4) . cot2(3π/4). Using a trig calculator find the values of sec(3π/4) and cot(3π/4), which are -√2 and -1 respectively. Squaring the two leaves us with 2 and 1. The product of the two results in 2. Not as complicated as it sounds, right? Get the ball rolling with our free worksheet.

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions