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Above and Below Worksheets

Our printable above and below worksheets are guaranteed to impress kids of preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1. With a slew of exercises like tracing the words, identifying the positions by choosing the correct options, coloring, cut and glue, and many more, you're sure to land on the perfect option for your kids, and help them comprehend the position of objects relative to each other. Our free above and below worksheets are sure to score points among kids, teachers, and parents.

Tracing the Words Above and Below

Run your pencils over the dotted letters of the words: above and below, to get acquainted with their spellings. Color the pictures and make one-to-one correspondence between the positions and the words.

Where is the Bird, Above or Below?

A no-fail above and below worksheet pdf that helps preschool and kindergarten kids comprehend the meaning as they observe the position of the bird relative to the other objects and check the word.

Above or Below?

A jolt of colorful images breathes life into your lessons. Let kids in grade 1 practice identifying the positional words above and below, circle the images and enrich their vocabulary in the process.

Coloring the Picture Above and Below

There's no shortage of panache, thanks to this printable above and below worksheet that uses images. Kids are expected to read the instruction and color the image that is above or below as specified.

Above and Below | Cut and Glue Activity

If your kids are currently having a moment with the words: above and below, then now comes the time to give it a whirl with this sea theme cut and glue activity pdf. Get kids to cut the images, sort, and glue them based on where they are found.

What is Above and Below the 3D Shape?

This time around we have a little surprise for your 1st grade shape savvy kids. Let them read the instructions, hunt the real-life object that resembles the 3D shape mentioned, and check the object above or below it.

Counting Objects Above and Below

A nod to this printable above and below worksheet is just the thing to do if you prefer doubling the fun. Not only do kindergarten kids identify objects in the stated positions, but they also count the number of each.

Drawing Objects Above and Below

There are bound to be a few activities on your list that you absolutely adore and this pdf is sure to be one of those. Kids let their imagination soar as they sketch the specified objects above or below as directed.

Completing Sentences with Above and Below

Work up an appetite for reading short sentences with this worksheet. Grade 1 kids read each sentence and complete it choosing between the positional words above or below taking hints from the pictures.

Above, On, and Below

Nature is at its best early in the morning. Polish up your practice session and keep your crew refreshed with this picturesque worksheet pdf. Kids read each question, and identify the object that best matches the description.