Near and Far Worksheets

Every little thing that we see around us teaches us something or the other. Whether it is a bee that buzzes from near or a train that is whistling off from far, lessons just keep pouring in at all times. Get to the heart of two important positional words with our printable near and far worksheets. This set of worksheets that teach the concept of position both diversely and engagingly is ideal for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1. Grab our free near and far worksheets and get ready for a great start.

Tracing the Words Near and Far

Introducing position concepts becomes easy with this near and far pdf worksheet to help your preschool and kindergarten kids write down the words and figure out how to compare the distance between two things.

Circling Near and Far

Learn basic math in an easy and fun way with this printable exercise worksheet that ensures kids grasp the fundamental position-word concepts swiftly as they circle the objects or animals that are near or far as directed.

Identifying Near and Far Objects

Learning about position directly involves accurate usage of the words near and far. Children are expected to circle and cross out the animal or object that is near or far as specified in this pdf worksheet.

Is the Statement Right? | Near and Far

Eliminate any confusion your little one may have over guessing the distance. Kindergarten and 1st-grade students develop an ability to read sentences and select "yes" or "no" according to the position illustrated in the picture.

What is Near? | What is Far?

An attentive eyesight and critical-thinking skills have a lot to do with figuring out which picture represents near and far. This pdf worksheet is a must-have practice set for kids to bolster position concepts.

Completing Sentences with Near and Far

A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you agree? We surely do! Watch kids complete sentences observing the position of objects relative to other objects depicted as images in this printable worksheet.

Underlining Near or Far From

Let's make positional words easy for our little ones, shall we? Familiarize children from kindergarten and grade 1 using the basic sentences and fun pictures in this exciting near and far worksheet.

Near and Far | Cut and Glue Activity

Children learn better when they have access to exciting activities with a focus on applying all the knowledge they have attained. Here, preschool and kindergarten kids have to cut and stick pictures based on the specified positional words.

Checking the Real-Life 2D Shapes Near and Far

Quick decision-making is a skill developed with practice. Our smartly designed worksheet gets your active learner racing to determine which 2D shape is near or far from the specified shapes in every exercise.