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Inside and Outside Worksheets

Experience the delights of effective learning with our printable inside and outside worksheets. Kids in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 describe the positions of the objects relative to the other objects using the terms inside and outside. Corralled here is a bounty of interesting exercises like coloring, sorting, choosing, drawing, cut and glue for your little ones to get them acquainted with the two positional words and distinguish between the two effortlessly. Our free inside and outside worksheets are a surefire hit among kids.

Tracing the Words | Inside and Outside

Go over the dotted letters of the words inside and outside and complete them. Color the pictures using the specified color to comprehend the meaning and distinguish between the two positional words.

Inside or Outside?

Preschool kids observe the object and choose the option that best describes the object's position relative to the carton and check the option in this identifying inside or outside worksheet pdf.

Circling the Images Inside and Outside

Nothing evokes interest like this worksheet. Let kids in preschool and kindergarten read the instruction, identify the prepositions inside and outside and circle the image that best models the instruction.

Pack Your Pencil Box

This inside-outside worksheet doubles up as a practical activity, and encourages independence and fosters a sense of responsibility. Kids check the supplies that go into their box and cross out the rest.

Cut and Glue Objects Inside and Outside the House

Two of kids’ favorite tools: scissors and glue will help them steer clear through this printable inside-outside worksheet, as they snip the image cards, sort and glue them where they belong: inside or outside the house.

Drawing Objects Inside and Outside the Jar

Take your comprehension of the positional words: inside-outside to a whole new level of fun with this pdf. Let kids in grade 1 read the instruction and sketch the specified object inside or outside the jar.

Completing Sentences with Inside and Outside

Kids can’t go wrong with this printable inside or outside worksheet. Invite them to read each sentence, describe the location of the object taking hints from the picture and circle the appropriate positional word.

Stocking Your First Aid Box

Kids are bound to tumble, hence keeping a first-aid kit handy is vital. Play a memory game with 1st grade kids and show them the contents of the kit and then let them check the things that go inside and cross the others.

Sorting Objects | Inside and Outside

Momma's back from grocery shopping and her basket has overflowed. Kindergarten kids cut out the images, sort them based on where they find them: inside or outside the basket and glue them in this T-chart pdf.