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Beside and Next to Worksheets

Every piece of learning that goes out to young learners, no matter what it is, helps them grow and mature into people who make their voice matter. One of the prerequisites for kids to thrive in life is to have an immaculate sense of position. Getting straight to the business, knowing how to use "next to" and "beside" is greatly important. We use the expressions to say someone or something is by the side of someone or something else. With scads of practice coupled with fun galore, our free printable beside and next to worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids strive to bolster their spatial skills. Kick-start your journey with these pdf resources!

Tracing the Words Beside and Next to

Give a very warm welcome to "beside" and "next to" with this coloring and tracing activity! Done with tracing, kids complete the fun by coloring the pictures as instructed and comprehend the two positions.

Circling the Image Beside the Gift

Help youngsters make a giant stride in positioning by getting them rolling with beside: a positional word meaning "at the side of". The task is to circle the image beside the gift in each question.

Identifying the Picture Beside the Object

Let a bunch of colorful and feast-to-your-eyes pictures help preschoolers use beside! Out of the four images in each question, one is named. Check the image/images beside the specified object.

Circling the Images Next to Objects

"Next to" is a close cousin of beside’s. While "beside" is mostly used in formal situations, "next to" has an informal flair to it. In this pdf exercise, students circle one of the three objects positioned next to another.

Drawing Shapes Beside Objects

Be it a circle or triangle - students in kindergarten love shapes. This love is set to grow fonder. Each question asks to draw one of the shapes: a triangle, a square, a pentagon, or a circle next to an object.

Checking Objects Beside Real-Life 3D Shapes

The prism, the pyramid, and the cylinder in this pdf worksheet all work toward one goal: making you a connoisseur of the positional word “beside”. Identify the image that’s beside the specified real-life 3D shape.

Coloring Shapes Next to Objects

You now have an exemplary knowledge of next to, don’t you? Be not content with it! Top it up with this printable worksheet. Color shapes like a circle or square next to objects like a ball and a flower.

Cut and Glue Pictures Next to Objects

In this printable worksheet, the little 1st grade scholars are greeted with a cut and glue activity. Kids read the instructions and glue the images beside the objects mentioned appropriately.