Up and Down Worksheets

The saying -Life is full of ups and downs- is arguably one of the most common quotes we use as adults. Why not help kids figure out why both these positions are equally important in real life? Our printable up and down worksheets are a plethora of exciting activities and stimulating exercises that are curated to develop position and direction-determining abilities in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids. Our free up and down worksheets are a must-try.

Tracing the Words Up and Down

Let's face it. kids constantly need innovative ways to strengthen their basic learning skills! Get this pdf worksheet to let preschool and kindergarten kids practice writing and understanding these simple positional words.

Is the Monkey Going Up and Down?

Looking for a unique, short picture story to get kids to accurately determine up and down positions? The fun pictures here are sure to get kids enthralled and actively participate in finding the correct answers.

Identifying Up or Down

Double the activity, twice the fun! Grab a couple of colored pens and let your preschool and kindergarten kids use circles and crosses to solve this up and down pdf worksheet.

Completing Sentences with Up and Down

With a strong orientation on a picture-to-sentence theme, this exercise familiarizes children from kindergarten and 1st-grade with the ways to frame basic sentences using vivid pictures in this exciting up and down worksheet.

Identifying the Direction

Here are a wide range of self-explanatory pictures to indicate the numerous ways in which the basic up and down concepts can be showcased. Look at each picture and decide if the objects are facing up or down.

Circling the Pictures

Compare each pair of pictures and identify the directions in which the insects, birds, people or objects are moving. Kids read the sentence and circle the correct picture as specified in the sentences to strengthen their basic up and down concepts.

Going Up or Going Down?

Simplicity is the key to starting out position and physical placement concepts. Kids in kindergarten and grade 1 decide if the animal or person should go upward or downward to get what they need in this thought-stimulating worksheet.

Coloring the Arrows Pointing Up and Down

Every child loves to have a little bit of coloring while learning. This printable up and down worksheet blends both to develop a solid understanding of positioning while coloring arrows according to the specified direction.