Top and Bottom Worksheets

Treat kids to a hefty slice of practice with our printable top and bottom worksheets. Most of these pdfs tap into what kids love most, a burst of colorful images. Not only are these worksheets a fun way to learn the positional words, but they serve the purpose of enhancing vocabulary too. Developing spatial skills in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids improves their ability to visually perceive two or more objects in relation to each other and to themselves. Try our free top and bottom worksheets and head for a great start.

Tracing the Words Top and Bottom

Say the cheeriest hello to positional words with this top and bottom worksheet as preschool kids go over the dotted letters, learn to spell the words, and understand their meaning by coloring the pictures.

Identifying Top and Bottom

Butterflies are the epitome of vibrant colors and help make this pdf a sure winner. Preschool and kindergarten kids observe the position of the butterfly in each set and check if it is at the top or bottom.

Top or Bottom?

Are you looking for something simple and of-the-moment, filled with colorful images to help kids identify the positions? Then this top and bottom worksheet is the ticket. Kids check the image based on the instruction.

Completing Sentences with Top and Bottom

Study the picture and identify if the object specified in the sentence is at the highest or lowest point and circle the right word. A touch of images converts this printable worksheet from the ordinary to a must-have.

Top, Middle, and Bottom | Cut and Glue Activity

Everything about this pdf worksheet screams positional words: top, middle, and bottom. Grade 1 kids snip the images, and glue them according to the instructions. This doubles up as a categorizing activity.

Coloring Objects at the Top and Bottom

Coloring exercises aren't going away anytime soon, so let preschool and kindergarten kids lean into the craze as they read, identify the objects in the specified positions and color them as directed.

Circling Objects at the Top, Middle, and Bottom

If you're down to sharpening your kids' skills in identifying the top, middle, and bottom positions, then this is the place to be. Let kids circle the object in each set following the instructions.

Identifying Shapes at the Top, Middle, and Bottom

It's only fitting that this worksheet packed with dual skills of identifying top, middle, and bottom positions and shapes serves as the centerpiece of your learning. Recognize the shape and check the option that best describes its position.

Top, Middle, and Bottom | Drawing and Coloring Activity

There's just something about a traffic signal that captures the attention of kids. Direct kids to draw three circles and color the top, middle, and bottom according to the key and complete the picture.

Identifying Top and Bottom Using Real-Life 3D Shapes

Settle for this printable identifying top and bottom worksheet if you intend to blend the concepts of 3D shapes and positions. Kids in 1st grade hunt for the 3D shape and identify its position.