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Comparing and Ordering U.S. Money Worksheets

Explore our enormous collection of comparing money worksheets featuring a variety of exercises like comparing U.S. money using operators, comparing prices, looking for affordable items, making smart choices, ordering amounts from least to greatest and much more to bolster handling money skills in children of grade 1 through grade 5. There are some free worksheets too. Give them a trial!

Ordering Coins - Cut & Glue

Comprehend the value of U.S. coins and bills with this interesting activity. 1st grade kids cut the coins or bills from the bottom of the page and glue them inside the piggy banks, ordering them from the least to the greatest.

Comparing American Money - Coins

Figure out how much money is there in each pouch and write the value. Direct kids to compare the amounts in the pouches and use the comparison operators <, > or = to complete the printable exercises.

Comparing American Money - Coins and Bills

Kids often like counting and comparing money. In this set of pdf worksheets, 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids are expected to count coins and bills in each pouch, write their values, compare the amounts and write who has more.

Are the items affordable?

Count the bills and coins in the piggy bank and compare it with the price of the items. Kids get to decide which of the items are affordable and check the appropriate columns.

Comparing American Money - Standard Format

This tricky set contains U.S. Money represented as cents and dollars. Instruct 5th grade children to convert the amount to a uniform unit before comparing, using the comparison operators.

Comparing American Money - Cut and Glue Activity

The alligators, frogs and birds are all looking for expensive items. Kids are expected to cut the comparison operators from the bottom of the page, compare the price of the items in each set and glue the appropriate operator.

Identify the Greatest and Smallest Amount in U.S. dollars

This set of printable worksheets helps 3rd grade and 4th grade children identify and circle the greatest amount from the list of five amounts in Part A and circle the least amount in Part B.

Comparing Prices in U.S. dollars

Add to your practice of comparing money with this array of pdf worksheets for grade 2 and grade 3 kids. Figure out the cheapest item in the first part and the most expensive item in the second part of each worksheet.

Addition and Subtraction - Comparing American Money

Kids in grade 4 and grade 5 are expected to add or subtract and then compare the sum or difference with the given amount in the easy level and perform arithmetic operations on both sides in the moderate level.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Themed Comparing Money

Learn to make smarter choices with this printable batch of interesting worksheets that provide adequate practice in comparing the price of items in two different stores and deciding which would be a better buy.

Ordering Money - Puzzles

Count the coins in each piggy bank and order the amounts in ascending order. Map the letters associated with each amount to reveal the name of a mystery animal in these ordering American money worksheets.

Ordering U.S. Money - Standard

Each set features five amounts expressed in U.S. dollars, compare them and write them in the increasing order in Part A and arrange the amounts in decreasing order in Part B.

Ordering American Money - Price tags

Kids are expected to compare the price tags of a set of items and order them in ascending order in the initial part of the pdf worksheets and arrange them in descending order in the latter part.

Saving & Comparing American Money

Recapitulate skills in comparing and ordering American money with this printable practice set. Kids determine the amount of money in six piggy banks, answer questions based on comparisons, and practice ordering money as well.