Inverse Function | Printable Worksheets

Comprehend how an inverse function reverses the other function with this collection of inverse function worksheets. High school students begin by analyzing graphs to determine if they are functions, moving on finding if the function has an inverse, checking if two functions are inverses of each other, finding the inverse of different types of functions, evaluating functions with restricted domains and much more.

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Does the graph represent a function? Does it have an inverse?

Observe each graph carefully and determine if it represents a function using the vertical line test. Apply the horizontal line test to check for one-to-one correspondence to figure out if it is also an inverse function.

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Checking if two functions are Inverses | Graphically

Examine the graphs and sketch the line y = x; if the two functions f(x) and g(x) are mirror images of each other or reflect each other with y=x as the line of symmetry, then they are inverses of each other.

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Are f(x) and g(x) Inverses? | Algebraically

Check if the functions f(x) and g(x) in this set of worksheet pdfs are inverses of each other algebraically by using the composition. If the f°g(x)=x=g°f(x) is proved right, then the two are inverses of each other.

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Find the Inverse | Level 1

Swap x with y in each of the linear functions presented in these printable inverse function worksheets and solve for y; the inverse f-1(x) of each function.

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Find the Inverse | Level 2

Up your skills in finding the inverse of functions in this level that includes rational functions, radical functions and logarithmic functions. Direct high school students to find the inverse of each function.

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Evaluate the Inverse Functions | Graph

An inverse function reverses the input and output values. Look for the coordinates in the graph, and switch the x and y values. Evaluate to find the inverse functions, and perform arithmetic operations on functions

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Evaluate the Inverse Functions

Try this batch of worksheets where the domain values are restricted. Find f(x) or f-1(x) by observing the values given as relation mapping diagrams and as a table.

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