Multi-Digit Place Value Worksheets | Millions and Billions

Employ this ensemble of multi-digit place value worksheets to provide students of grade 4 and grade 5 to master place values for a range of large numbers in the millions and billions. Activities include inserting commas between numbers, MCQs, interesting word problems and much more! Some of worksheets are absolutely free of cost.

Insert Comma Activity

Insert the commas - Activity

Observe each number and insert commas based on the place value. The first-level pdf worksheets contain numbers up to hundred millions. Numbers in Level 2 comprise up to hundred billions.

Two levels of difficulty with 5 worksheets each

Identify the Place Value

Identify the place value

Read each number. Identify and write down the place values up to billions in the boxes provided. A number of intriguing word problems are included for variety.

Write Equivalent Place Values

Write the equivalent place value

Balance the equations with equivalent place values that vary up to billions place. Employ the answer key to verify your responses.

Identify the Place Value of Underlined Digits

Identify the place value of underlined digits

Find the value of the underlined digits in this series of printable multi-digit place value worksheets that features numbers in the millions and billions. Write your answers in either number form or word form. Solve the simple word problems provided.

Write Value of Specified Digits

Write the value of the specified digit

Children in 4th grade and 5th grade identify the place value of a specific digit in a series of numbers ranging from 7 to 12 digits. Use the 'Download the set' option to access all worksheets from this section.


Place value: MCQs

On the basis of the numbers and place values given, select the correct answer from a series of large numbers. This forms a perfect evaluation tool to gauge a student's comprehension of place values in millions and billions.

Largest and Smallest Numbers

Largest and smallest millions or billions

Rearrange the digits of large numbers featured here to arrive at the largest and smallest millions or billions possible. Answer the elementary word problems that are included here.

What Number I?

What number am I?

To find the mystery numbers, solve the clues provided in the form of place value of digits. Print and distribute these multi-digit place value worksheet pdfs for an engaging classroom or homework assignment.