Advanced Subtraction Worksheets: Large Numbers

These dynamically created multi-digit subtraction worksheets are recommended for students of Grades 4 and grade 5. An endless supply of large number subtraction problems that feature 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit and 7- digit numbers in the vertical format are displayed here. Students need to regroup (borrow) numbers wherever required.

List of Subtracting Large Numbers Worksheets

Explore the Subtracting Large Numbers Worksheets in Detail

4-digit subtraction

Download and print this array of 4-digit subtraction worksheets. A variety of engaging topics like grid subtraction, decode the riddles, line up and subtract and many more are on offer here.

5-digit subtraction

Access our wide selection of ready-to-print worksheets on 5-digit subtraction. Find the difference between 5-digit and 3- ,4-, or 5-digit numbers. A few interesting word problems are included for variety.

6-digit subtraction

Help students master the concept of regrouping (borrowing) with this set of 6-digit column subtraction problems. Exclusive fact-based word problems are incorporated in some of the worksheets.

7-digit subtraction

Get ample practice on the concept of large number subtraction problems along with the scenario-based word problems. Minuends contain 7-digit numbers and subtrahends feature 5-, 6- or 7-digit numbers.

Sample Worksheets