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Advanced Subtraction Worksheets: Large Numbers

These dynamically created multi-digit subtraction worksheets are recommended for students of Grades 4 and grade 5. An endless supply of large number subtraction problems that feature 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit and 7- digit numbers in the vertical format are displayed here. Students need to regroup (borrow) numbers wherever required. Subscribe to gain access to all the advanced subtraction worksheets featured here.

4-digit subtraction

Download and print this array of 4-digit subtraction worksheets. A variety of engaging topics like grid subtraction, decode the riddles, line up and subtract and many more are on offer here.

5-digit subtraction

Access our wide selection of ready-to-print worksheets on 5-digit subtraction. Find the difference between 5-digit and 3- ,4-, or 5-digit numbers. A few interesting word problems are included for variety.

6-digit subtraction

Help students master the concept of regrouping (borrowing) with this set of 6-digit column subtraction problems. Exclusive fact-based word problems are incorporated in some of the worksheets.

6-digit Subtraction

7-digit subtraction

Get ample practice on the concept of large number subtraction problems along with the scenario-based word problems. Minuends contain 7-digit numbers and subtrahends feature 5-, 6- or 7-digit numbers.

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