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Two-digit minus Single-digit Subtraction Worksheets

This compilation of printable two-digit and single-digit subtraction worksheets is designed to help students of Grade 2 to grasp the basic concepts of regrouping and no regrouping. A number of word problems have been included for variety! Become a member to get unlimited access to the worksheets and unlock various download options.

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Standard: Subtraction with no regrouping

Students may brush up on basic subtraction facts with these super simple worksheets that do not require regrouping. They are sure to acquire a solid foundation in subtraction by solving these problems featured in both column and horizontal formats.

Standard: Subtraction with regrouping (borrowing)

Comprehend the elementary concept of regrouping (borrowing) with these easy 2-minus-1-digit worksheets. Take extra care when using place values to find the differences between the two-digit and one-digit numbers.

No regrouping subtraction: with word problems

Put a child's subtraction skills to the test with this assortment of printable worksheets that include easy word problems to be solved. Employ the answer keys to check your responses.

Regrouping subtraction: with word problems

Use the 'Grab em All' option to download this series of 2-digit and 1-digit subtraction worksheets. Interesting word problems are thrown into the mix for variety.

Match the pairs of numbers: Blast off!

Identify and match the numbers on the rockets to generate the differences specified in the worksheets here. Have a blast with these fun-filled worksheets!

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