0-10 Subtraction Worksheets

Our comprehensive worksheets are designed to help children develop their foundation in subtraction. These 0-10 subtraction worksheets include columnar and horizontal subtraction along with word problems, theme-based subtraction, missing numbers, picture-based multiple responses, connect the answers, and equivalent subtraction sentences. A number of free printable worksheets are available for practice. Use the various download options to gain access to all our handouts under this topic.

Column subtraction

Column subtraction

Each worksheet contains 15 problems based on 0 to 10 vertical subtraction. Some worksheets include elementary word problems as well. Find the difference and use the answer key to check your solutions.

Type: Standard Practice (SP) | SP + Word Problem (3 worksheets each)

Horizontal subtraction

Horizontal subtraction

Use this collection of horizontal (row) subtraction worksheets that also includes word problems to help your children sharpen their 0-10 subtraction skills.

Type: Standard Practice (SP) | SP + Word Problem (3 worksheets each)

Theme subtraction

Column subtraction: Aquarium Theme

This series of eye-catching worksheets are sure to keep your little ones hooked! Have fun solving the 0-10 subtraction problems and don't let anyone else burst your bubble!

Missing numbers

Subtraction sentence: Missing numbers

Identify the missing numbers to complete the subtraction problems in this set of interactive worksheets, which include both column and horizontal formats.

Type: Column, Horizontal (3 worksheets each)

Equivalent missing numbers

Equivalent subtraction sentence: Missing numbers

This set of worksheets are sure to hone 0 to 10 subtraction skills as children will have to use logical reasoning to solve them. Fill in the missing numbers to balance both sides of the subtraction equation.

Multiple responses

Equivalent subtraction sentences: Theme-based

These colorful worksheets will improve a child's understanding of expressing a number in equivalent subtraction sentences. Identify the correct subtraction sentences on the X-Mas tree to the number shone on the star.

Subtraction sentence

Connect the subtraction sentences: 0 to 10

This set of visually engaging worksheets promises to keep kids as busy as a bee! Connect the balloons with subtraction sentences to the matching values displayed on the rugby shirts.

Multiple response

Construction of subtraction sentences

It's the season to be jolly! Circle any two numbers whose difference is equal to the third number. These 0-10 subtraction worksheets help children to frame the subtraction sentences.


Match the equivalent subtraction sentences

These picture-based worksheets will require children to match the subtraction sentences on the left to the equivalent ones on the right. Use the download option to access worksheets in this section.

The entire collection of worksheets on 0-10 subtraction can be downloaded in a jiffy!