Printable Number Line Templates for Teachers

These ready-to-use number line templates worksheets can be printed and used by parents and teachers for practicing homework and classwork. Develop and construct your own number line model to intensify the math skills. Templates here are categorized into blank templates, ready-made number line templates and template ruler. Tap into some of these templates for free!

Blank templates: 5 per page

Each template includes 5 number line models. The templates are split into 5, 10, 15 and 20 intervals. Use your own way of increments on a number line and enjoy learning!

Number line intervals included: 5, 10, 15, 20

Blank templates: 10 per page

These printable templates come with 10 models per page. Students can use these templates to get ample practice for real numbers represented using number lines.

Number line intervals included: 5, 10, 15, 20

Ready-made Number lines: 5 per page

Utilize these ready-made teacher templates that consist of positive and negative integers. Create your own addition and subtraction problems using these number line models.

Range: 0 to 5 | 0 to 10 | 0 to 15 | 0 to 20 | -5 to 5 | -10 to 10

Ready-made Number lines: 10 per page

Print these template pdfs and create your own math worksheets involving basic math operations. Each worksheet contains 10 number line model.

Range: 0 to 5 | 0 to 10 | 0 to 15 | 0 to 20 | -5 to 5 | -10 to 10

Templates - Ruler Model

Templates - Number line on a Ruler Model

These printable templates are split into blank and display templates that are portrayed in the form of rulers to make learning more precise and understandable.

Blank and Display Templates are included.