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Identifying and Representing Decimals on a Number Line Worksheets

This compilation of number line worksheets is exclusively drafted to aid students of Grade 4 to understand the place value of decimals. The worksheets are split into different levels to enable convenient downloads. A number of free worksheets are also up for grabs!

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Identify the decimals: Type 1

Observe the units of intervals on the number line and identify the correct decimal number. Number lines are split into decimal place values in tenths, hundredths and thousandths respectively.

Identify the decimals: Type 2

In this series of number line worksheets, students should find 2 or more decimals missing from the number line.

Missing decimals | Mixed Review: Type 1

Get ample practice on a mixed combination of place values. Level 1 worksheets contains place values in tenths and hundredths. Level 2 comprise decimal values in hundredths and thousandths.

Missing decimals | Mixed Review: Type 2

In this set of mixed review worksheets, fill in the missing decimals on the number line. Two or more decimals are missing in each problem.

Represent the decimals

Represent the letters on the number line with the decimals based on the intervals observed.

Represent the decimals: Mixed Review

Substitute the letters on the number lines with decimals in either tenths or hundredths in the Level 1 worksheets; and in hundredths or thousandths in the Level 2 worksheets.

Drawing number lines with decimal values

Draw number lines based on the intervals or increments provided in the worksheets.

Drawing number lines with decimal values: Mixed Review

This set of mixed review worksheets contains decimals up to thousandths.

Adding decimals using number line model

Access this assortment of worksheets to learn how to add decimals using number lines.

Adding decimals using number lines

Subtracting decimals using number line model

Get an access to 100+ number line worksheets based on decimal subtraction.

Subtracting decimals using number lines

Reading the number line

Read each number line and answer the word problems that follow.

Multiplying decimals using number line model

Employ this set of worksheets to master decimal multiplication using number lines.

Multiplying decimals using number lines

Dividing decimals using number line model

These print-ready worksheets feature an engrossing number of concepts like finding the missing decimal, framing sentence using rulers and more.

Dividing decimals using number lines

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